Ticino Turismo 2018

Directed & edited by: Andrea Todaro
Assistant editor: Evelin Liguori
Camera oeprator: Evelin Liguori, Alvaro Vogel, Francesco Thilo Sili
Drone operator: Roberto Gianocca, Igor Grbesic
Logo animation: sketchin
Executive producer: Alvaro Vogel
Production: True Color Films
Co-production: Responsiva

Stories // A man & his lake

Stories // A Stand Up Guy

Stories // Cycling through spectacular scenery

Stories // Finding one’s place amomng donkeys

Stories // Spend the night in Fusio, where the walls are stepped in history

Stories // Top-shelf wines, made in Ticino

Stories // Culinary discoveries in Valle di Muggio

Stories // Arti in all colours, shapes & size

Date: 2018 Client: Ticino Turismo Cat: Video